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Sunday, 11 September 2016 16:43

The Legal Defense Show with Kirk Obear and John Birdsall 09/10/16

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It's another episode of Legal Defense with attorneys John Birdsall and Kirk Obear on 101.5 FM WHBL Sheboygan!  After several weeks of running the show solo, both attorneys are back together to discuss legal topics from Wisconsin and around the nation. They begin with coverage of a new book by former Manitowoc County assistant prosecutor Michael Griesbach, which examines the Steven Avery case from a new perspective. The second topic of the show takes a look at how courts in Wisconsin have been permitting character evidence through what is known as the "greater latitude rule," and what impact this has had on convictions in the state.  The latter half of the show investigates the high number of incarcerations in Deerborn County, Indiana that far exceed per capita numbers around the country. John and Kirk take a look at why trends like this occur, and how other states such as Wisconsin have tapered construction of new prisons.

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