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Theft of Property

THEFT OF PROPERTY Crimes having to do with theft or property damage such as burglary, fraud, or arson, can include everything from stealing a TV set to burning down a large...

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Computer Crimes

COMPUTER CRIMES In the last few decades, as the use of computers has proliferated, so has a category of crimes – such as possession of child pornography and identity theft...

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Sex Crimes

THE FACTS ABOUT SEX CRIMES Child Sexual Assault Sexual Exploitation of a Child Prostitution Enticement Date Rape Lewd & Lascivious Behavior Computer Sex Crimes Habitual...

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Juvenile Crimes

JUVENILE CRIMES In Wisconsin, a person is considered an “adult” for criminal law purposes at age 17. If a person under the age of 17 years commits a criminal act, it is...

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Violent & Domestic Crimes

VIOLENT AND DOMESTIC CRIMES When you need a criminal lawyer in Wisconsin, you want to make sure that you retain the help of attorneys who know the law and know how to...

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Federal Crimes

FEDERAL CRIMES Federal crimes typically involve the violation of a law passed by the United States Congress and criminal actions that cross the borders of individual states....

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THE FACTS ABOUT HOMICIDE Homicide (Murder) - First Degree Intentional The State must prove 2 elements: That you “caused” the death of the victim That...

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Drunk Driving/DUI

DRUNK DRIVING / DUI CRIMES Drunk Driving – also commonly referred to as DUI, OWI, or DWI – is a serious offense that has been in the spotlight in Wisconsin for some time....

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Drug Crimes

THE FACTS ABOUT DRUG CRIMES Drug Possession The State must prove 3 elements: That the defendant possessed a substance That the substance was _______,...

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Practice Areas

PRACTICE AREAS CREATIVE AND AGGRESSIVE CRIMINAL DEFENSE Here at Birdsall Law Offices we are committed to developing creative and aggressive defenses for criminal cases...

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