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OWI Case Dismissed

  • Birdsall Obear

County of S v. TP

Mr. P was driving home one night after enjoying dinner at a supper club. He had two glasses of wine and did not feel impaired. However, the police pulled him over for speeding and simple traffic violation turned into a life-changing nightmare for Mr. P.

The officer placed him through a series of field sobriety tests, and then alleged that Mr.P was being uncooperative because he refused the officer's request for a blood test. TP was arrested for drunk driving and refusing the blood test, both of which would result in losing his driver's license and his job. His reputation would also be irreparably damaged. Wanting to fight the case with a vigorous defense, TP hired Kirk to represent him. After an extensive investigation, Kirk was able to establish that the arresting officer failed to follow protocol in several aspects of the case. The prosecutor was convinced that he could not prove the case. Both the drunk driving and refusal charges were dropped.

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