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OWI 3rd Dismissed Before Initial Appearance - Obear Never Had to Put on the Gloves

  • Birdsall Obear

State v. RC

A client who knew he was in for trouble came to the Obear firm seeking help. He was on his Third OWI, and his test result was way up there. Fortunately for RC, the team went into action and investigated the case from the get-go. Kirik and Charlie established conclusive evidence that the prosecutor would not be able to prove that RC was impaired at the time that he was driving and had an accident.

A meeting with the prosecutor that occurred before the initial appearance resulted in the DA's office proclaiming that it was impossible for them to proceed. RC's drunk driving case was dismissed without the need for any court appearance. Some say that if you can win the battle without showing up to the arena, you can declare an absolute victory. We don't disagree.

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