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Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Birdsall Obear & Associates LLC  is 100% dedicated to helping individuals charged with a crime. Because we are a smaller firm, our criminal defense attorneys provide highly-personalized services and will use any and all resources to ensure that you are receiving the best defense. We do not back down from a fight, and you can be ensured that all of our attorneys will fight until the absolute end for you.

This commitment was witnessed when just last year Criminal Defense Attorney, John A. Birdsall, petitioned the Supreme Court of Wisconsin to raise the rate for public defender appointments so that people are not deprived their constitutional right to counsel.

Kirk Obear, a Gulf War veteran, chief of military justice with the U.S. Air Force, Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) and special assistant U.S. attorney, joins our top-notch team of criminal defense attorneys and has the knowledge and experience to defend against tough cases.

Criminal Defense Attorney, Nicole A. Muller, also consistently puts up a good fight, with her most recent victory against the Wisconsin Attorney General's office resulting in complete dismissal of a serious case. These are just two examples among hundreds. To learn more, please view our notable cases by following the link below.


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