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Sentencing & Appeals

SENTENCING AND APPEALS Sentencing - Parole Transferred Additional InfoCharge: Client was a convicted felon serving a sentence under a pre truth in...

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Theft & Fraud Cases

THEFT AND FRAUD CASES Charged Dismissed Additional Info Charge: Theft by Fraud. Client had 9 different cases of same charge in 5 different counties...

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Juvenile Crime

JUVENILE CRIME March 2018 Additional Info Charge: Disorderly Conduct Appeal Venue: Milwaukee County Result: Case re-opened and dismissed on Defendant’s...

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White Collar Crimes

WHITE COLLAR CRIMES Major Embezzlement, Minor Sentence Additional Info When C was charged with 26 counts of Felony Embezzlement, she thought her life...

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Sex Crime Cases

SEX CRIME CASES First-degree charges dismissed Additional Info Attorney Obear & Attorney Rock’s client faced two charges of first-degree...

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Homicide Cases

HOMICIDE CASES Not guilty Additional Info Charge: 1st Degree Reckless Homicide. Client was accused as a result of a “Cold Case” stemming from an unsolved...

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