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Milwaukee criminal defense attorney Nicole A. Muller has recently joined Birdsall Obear & Associates LLC as an associate attorney. Not only is Attorney Muller a graduate of Catholic University in Washington D.C. where she studied Political Science and Studio Art, but before going to law school also graduated from Columbia University in New York City. After graduating from Columbia, Attorney Muller realized that this country’s criminal justice was severely broken and the world needed more advocates for criminal defendants across the nation. This passion to bring about positive change and to restore justice in a broken system is what brought Attorney Muller to the great state of Wisconsin and Marquette University Law School.

Attorney Muller graduated from Marquette University Law School where she acted as both the Wisconsin State Bar Criminal Law Section Liaison and the president of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund.  Additionally, during her time at Marquette, Attorney Muller actively worked with the Racine County Public Defender’s office to create a sentencing manual that attempted to reduce racial prejudice from detrimentally impacting a defendant’s sentence. Attorney Muller also worked on issues surrounding the disproportional impact cash bail programs have on Milwaukee’s and Wisconsin’s  urban poor; racial discrepancies in the courtroom and how jury pooling practices ultimately reduce a minority defendant from having a jury that represents a fair cross section of his or her community; and many other issues plaguing criminal defendants in Wisconsin.

Although Attorney Muller is originally from New York, her give-it-all attitude translates well in Wisconsin courtrooms. Attorney Muller decided to practice law in Wisconsin and not return to New York as she believed that there were serious issues that needed to be addressed within the criminal “justice” system of Milwaukee and the greater Wisconsin area. This passion and eternal fire that feeds her drive pushes her to be a strong and zealous advocate for all of her clients.

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Attorney Nicole A. Muller

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  • Admissions

    • All Wisconsin State Courts
    • Eastern District of Wisconsin, U.S. District Court
  • Education

    • The Catholic University of America, B.A., 2014
    • Columbia University, M.S., 2015
    • Marquette University Law School, J.D., 2018
  • Professional Activities

    • Board Member, Criminal Law Section-Wisconsin State Bar
    • Member, Wisconsin State Bar
    • Member, Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • Member, Milwaukee Bar Association
    • Member, Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association
Notable Cases Slider
  • Charge: Possession of Cocaine
    Venue: Sheboygan County
    Date: 2019
    Result: Case Dismissed

  • Charge: OWI 2nd
    Venue: Milwaukee County
    Date: 2019
    Result: Complete dismissal after the court granted Attorney Muller’s motion to dismiss based on lack of probable cause to arrest

  • Charge: OWI 1st
    Venue: Milwaukee County
    Date: 2019
    Result: Complete dismissal after the court granted Attorney Muller’s motion to suppress fruits of illegal search

  • Charge: OWI 1st

    Venue: Milwaukee County

    Date: 2018

    Result: OWI amended down to reckless driving on Attorney Muller’s motion

  • Charge: Misdemeanor Battery

    Venue: Milwaukee County

    Date: Nov. 2018

    Result: Dismissed on Attorney Muller’s motion

  • Charge: Possession of THC

    The client in this matter was a 19 year-old who was charged with possession of THC.

    Venue: Milwaukee County

    Date: 2018

    Result: Attorney Muller negotiated a deferred prosecution agreement, and after six months the charges were dismissed.

  • Charge: Battery and Disorderly Conduct

    Venue: Milwaukee County

    Date: 2018

    Result: Dismissed on Attorney Muller’s motion

  • Charge: Forgery of Credit Card >$1,000,000.00

    The client in this matter had been deported out of the country after being charged in 1996 with Forgery of Credit Card >$1,000,000.00. After being away from his family for over 20 years, the client hired Attorney Muller to represent him in his case.

    Venue: Milwaukee County

    Date: 2018

    Result: Case dismissed with prejudice with the Client able to return to the United States.

  • Charge: Criminal Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Damage to Property

    Venue: Waukesha County

    Date: 2018

    Result: Criminal Damage to Property charge dismissed and Criminal Disorderly Conduct reduced to a municipal ticket

  • Charge: OWI 4th

    Venue: Milwaukee County

    Date: 2019

    Result: Case dismissed after Prosecutor had no defense to Attorney Muller's Motion to Suppress results of legal blood draw.

    • This was the best law firm to choose from Nicole Muller did her thing I recommend her to take over any criminal case because she gets the job done, she knows what she is doing, and she do what she say. I give this law firm 5 stars.

      Shoa H.

    • I thought I was in trouble with a DUI charge, but Nicole walked me through the pertinent facts, laid out a legal strategy, and executed it perfectly. My entire case was dismissed, and she dismantled the prosecution’s arguments effortlessly. Highly recommended.


    • Attorney Muller rendered the best service that was beyond my imaginations when I needed it. Attorney is very hard-working, compassionate and a good problem solver. I will always be grateful. I will always recommend her to anyone at anytime. She handled my case expeditiously.

      Cecilia O.

    • Five stars!

      Taylor G.

    • Nicole is the best in my eyes. She talks to you like a normal person and feels like u have known her for years. I had a serious case that could of ruined my life and get lots of prison time. She got the case dismissed by her hard work and knowledge.  I would advise anyone to hire her. The money and time is way worth it.

      Joe D.

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