"Nicole is the best in my eyes. She talks to you like a normal person and feels like u have known her for years. I had a serious case that could of ruined my life and get lots of prison time. She got the case dismissed by her hard work and knowledge.  I would advise anyone to hire her. The money and time is way worth it."

Joe D.

"He is always available and it is clear that the needs and well-being of his clients come first. My situation was a challenging one and he helped me navigate both the legal and professional aspects of my case with skill and precision."


"Attorney Birdsall is passionate and experienced. Any client would benefit from his expert representation."

Thomas A.

"John worked with me on a minor infraction with the law, which I still do not believe to be a just accusation. John was able to get rid of my “felony theft charge” which everyone knows would have been damaging to anybody’s career and future endeavors. He was also able to show that the State did not have enough supporting evidence to prove intent, and was able to get my charges reduced to a misdemeanor and eventually all the way down to a “civil charge of disorderly conduct,” basically the equivalent of a traffic ticket. Needless to say, John knows very well what he is doing in order to make certain you truly get a fair representation with the law."

Alex C.

"I worked with John for years and he is a dedicated, thorough, and passionate advocate for his clients. He stops at nothing to get justice."


"John is an incredibility experienced lawyer and I have seen first hand how he puts his clients first. He truly is an expert in criminal law in Milwaukee."


"It was such a pleasure doing business with John. He answered all my questions fast, and did exactly what he said he can do. He is a great lawyer; dedicated to his work."


“I’d recommend John to anyone facing criminal charges. Remember you get what you pay for, others may be cheaper but when your reputation & life are on the line you need someone who will fight for you!”


"Right from the first meeting, he made it very evident that he was not treating my case just as an client-attorney relationship. Rather, he offered himself as a guide and mentor to work through the situation."


“John is a very busy lawyer. But he is never too busy to reply to his clients and spend as much time with them as they need. He was responsive to every call, text, and email. We always felt like we had the best representation on our side and our entire family will be forever grateful.”


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