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Meet Attorney Nicole Muller

  • Birdsall Obear

Nicole graduated from Marquette University Law School with a J.D. in 2018 and has already made quite the impact in the criminal defense legal community with her work and case results. She prides herself on being an attorney who legitimately cares for her clients. To her, this is not just a job. The life and liberty of her clients truly is more important than anything else, and that means sacrificing a lot of her spare time. Meaning, she’d rather work on the weekends than go to a Packers game if it means she would be doing something for the benefit of her clients.

Something that sets Nicole apart from attorneys her age with just over a year of experience is her track record. In just a year, the majority of her cases have been dismissed on motions she created. These were not all small misdemeanor cases, but rather serious felony charges—charges most attorneys her age would not have the experience to handle.

Although she is a young attorney, she worked as a full-time law clerk at Birdsall Obear & Associates LLC all three years of law school. Before she graduated, she had already sat through countless trials, drafted hundreds of motions and learned from two of the best defense attorneys in the state of Wisconsin. When she graduated, she was already years ahead of her peers.

It is a specialty of Nicole’s to find issues and create a very nuanced legal argument even when there is no case precedent to support her position. She has continuously won on first impression motions, and she has only been practicing for a year and a half. She looks outside the box when developing defenses for her clients and that is something that a lot of other attorneys don’t take the time to do. In addition, Nicole also has a wide grasp on constitutional law which is something that truly sets her apart. Constitutional issues are a forte of hers. 

Nicole was the youngest attorney to date to present at the WACDL annual conference. In 2019 she was a keynote speaker and presented on representing juveniles in OWI cases. She obtained a huge case victory (another first impression case) where she argued that because minor children cannot provide implied or direct consent to medical procedures, they could not consent to a legal blood draw for purposes of an OWI.

Nicole has also been a guest lecturer at Marquette University Law School in the law and urban poverty class. She spoke on the collateral consequences of criminal convictions.

Nicole’s Top Case Results:

  1. Second Degree Sexual Assault – Dismissed before Preliminary hearing
  2. OWI 4th – Dismissed (Milwaukee County)
  3. Forgery Dismissed >1,000,000.00 (Milwaukee county) 

Nicole’s Recent Case results:

  1. Possession w/Intent to distribute THC (>200-1000) – Complete Dismissal (Milwaukee County)
  2. Possession of Cocaine-complete dismissal (Sheboygan County)
  3. OWI 2nd – Complete dismissal after court granted motion to dismiss due to lack of probable cause (Milwaukee County)
  4. OWI 1st - Complete dismissal after court granted motion to dismiss (Milwaukee county)
  5. Misdemeanor. Battery – Complete Dismissal (Milwaukee County)
  6. Countless Disorderly Conduct cases dismissed

Milwaukee Office
1219 North Cass Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Sheboygan Office
603 South 8th Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081

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