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Legal Services for Peaceful Protestors of George Floyd Murder

We at Birdsall Obear & Associates are enraged with the recent tragic murder of George Floyd by a clearly racist police officer.

Like most of you, we are anguished that this display of police brutality and murder against unarmed black men and women is just the latest manifestation of our country’s racist past. A past that has seen systemic exclusion of non-white citizens from most parts of our society.

Over the last two days there have been numerous protests here in Milwaukee, and we want you to know we fully support you and feel your anger and frustration.

In solidarity with these protesters we are offering to represent for FREE in court any person who has been arrested and is not able to afford an attorney. If you have been arrested for your participation in peacefully protesting the murder of George Floyd, we encourage you to contact our office. Contact us at 414-831-5465.

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