Why are confessions so important to the police? It is simply this: they are a quick way to solve a crime and close a case. Often, it saves the police the hassle of doing extensive police work - searching for genuine physical evidence, interviewing potential witnesses, reviewing documents, applying for search warrants, etc.

if you, or a loved one, is accused of a crime:

  1. Contact a lawyer. Get in touch with an experienced, criminal defense lawyer immediately. You can speak with Birdsall Law Offices, S.C. by using our secure online form to request a free consultation or you can contact us by phone.

City v. SA

Sometimes clients are referred to our office because the stakes are high and the outcome of the trial could permanently effect a person's livelihood. That was the case when SA was referred to our office from a prominent Illinois attorney who knew that this case would require special attention for two reasons: SA had an Illinois license; and SA had a commercial driver's license.

State of Wisconsin v. CJR

When C was charged with 26 counts of Felony Embezzlement, she thought her life was over. Based on the allegations, the prosecutor believed that she stole over $22,000.00 from her employer. She faced over 150 years in prison if convicted. C had hired another attorney who had advised her to quickly take a deal with the hopes that they could convince the judge not to go along with the DA's prison sentence recommendation.

Saturday, 20 December 2014 13:12

OWI Case Dismissed

County of S v. TP

Mr. P was driving home one night after enjoying dinner at a supper club. He had two glasses of wine and did not feel impaired. However, the police pulled him over for speeding and simple traffic violation turned into a life-changing nightmare for Mr. P.

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