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How will a DUI affect my college career?

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It is late at night and you decide to head home from the bar. It's been over an hour since you consumed any alcohol and, at most, you drank three beers throughout the course of the night.

Some drugs can be consumed using various odd objects. On occasion, this may beg the question, what exactly are the conditions to deem an object, such as a spoon or a soda can, drug paraphernalia?

Here are a few considerations and exceptions the court will make.

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Birdsall Law Offices 7th Annual Fundraiser

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Join Birdsall Law Offices 7th Annual Fundraiser Benefiting the Milwaukee Rescue Mission

Have you ever worried about where your next meal would come from? Or maybe where you and your children could stay during a cold winter night? Unfortunately, worrying about those things are normal to Milwaukee's homeless population and homeless populations around the world.

Maintaining Racial Hierarchy in a Post-Strauder America


“It requires little knowledge of human nature to anticipate that those who had long been regarded as an inferior and subject race would, when suddenly raised to the rank of citizenship, be looked upon with jealousy and positive dislike, and that state laws might be enacted or enforced to perpetuate the distinctions that had before existed.”[1]

As ominously foreshadowed by the Supreme Court in 1879,[2] current state and federal laws  and practices continuously present disadvantages to people of color. Distant from enslavement and the oppressive nature of the Jim Crow Era, individuals, courts, and politicians, blind to the discrepancies of this nation’s criminal justice system, erroneously believe that the black defendant enjoys the same rights as the white defendant. Ignoring the lack of racial representation and the presence of implicit bias in the courtroom, white judges sit in front of white prosecutors and instruct the white jury on how to handle the black defendant’s case. The black defendant is seldom given a jury that racially represents him or her, and this lack of representation is a product of case precedent, judicial reasoning, and discriminatory practices. In Wisconsin, these discriminatory practices take form in both state and federal jury pooling procedures. As such, the purpose of this article is to draw on the disproportional impact jury pooling practices have on black defendants in circuit and federal district courts in the state of Wisconsin.

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Felony Sex Offense Charges Dismissed

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An out-of-state college student met a girl on an on-line dating website. After several conversations via text as well as over the phone, the two decided to get together for a date. The date went well and the couple agreed to see each other a second time. Feeling that they had really hit it off, they kept corresponding and developed a strong interest in continuing what seemed like a wonderful relationship.

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