Another week, another episode of Legal Defense with attorneys John Birdsall and Kirk Obear on 101.5 FM WHBL Sheboygan. The show begins with a discussion of the Stingray technology used by law enforcement which can triangulate locations of suspects within several feet, via their cell phone. John and Kirk debate the civil liberties pitfalls of the device, and how recent court rulings have affected its use in investigations.

Another week, another episode of Legal Defense with attorneys John Birdsall and Kirk Obear on 101.5 FM WHBL Sheboygan. They start off discussing shootings by police in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, and debate the escalation of tension in each circumstance that led the officers to use lethal force. In the show's second portion, John and Kirk expand on how and when police officers are supposed to use their firearms while on duty, and what the repercussions for misuse ought to be. They also examine the debate over whether cops should use body cameras, and what impact on fatal shootings the technology may have. The latter half of the show takes a look at the scandal surrounding the Boy Scouts of America, and allegations that the organization hid reports of child abuse by Scout leaders in so-called 'Perversion Files.'

It's Legal Defense with attorneys John Birdsall and Kirk Obear on 101.5 FM WHBL Sheboygan. John goes solo again, as Kirk is out on break this week. Despite this, he manages to tackle a variety of important legal and political current events from Wisconsin and around the nation. First up, is Peruta v. San Diego County - a controversial decision out of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, that has the potential to significantly limit concealed carry rights around the country. John talks about the likely appeal of the 52-page majority ruling to the United States Supreme Court, and notes the differences between this and the D.C. v. Heller Supreme Court ruling from 2008. In the second half of the show, the topic shifts to illegal traffic stops, and the recent court decision in Utah v. Strieff. John explains why he thinks the Supreme Court ruling dangerously corrodes the standard of dismissing all evidence when acquired illegally during traffic stop, and what implications this might have on law enforcement conduct.

Join us for another episode of Legal Defense with attorneys John Birdsall and Kirk Obear on WHBL Sheboygan. As always, John and Kirk provide insight into legal news from Wisconsin and around the nation. They kick off the show discussing the legal nuances of gun control legislation, as well as the controversy surrounding an Orange County Superior Court judge who was recently reelected despite admitting to misconduct. In the second half of the show, they jump into an in-depth discussion of ethics rules for lawyers, especially those here in Wisconsin as governed by the State Supreme Court, and what the implications of those standards are. John and Kirk share examples of what these rules mean for their work, and the work of attorneys across the state.

Kirk is back this week on The Legal Defense Show for WHBL Sheboygan. They comment on the problematic arguments Donald Trump has presented regarding a Hispanic judge litigating a case involving Trump University, as well as gerrymandering trends here in Wisconsin. They also address changes to court proceedings in Wisconsin, especially the significance of preliminary hearings, and the burden they put on the prosecution.

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