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Felony Sex Offense Charges Dismissed

  • Birdsall Obear

An out-of-state college student met a girl on an on-line dating website. After several conversations via text as well as over the phone, the two decided to get together for a date. The date went well and the couple agreed to see each other a second time. Feeling that they had really hit it off, they kept corresponding and developed a strong interest in continuing what seemed like a wonderful relationship.

The young man made a second trip up to Wisconsin and met up with the girl. They went out to dinner, went for a walk by the lake, and then ended up getting a hotel room. The next day, he dropped her off at her house and went home feeling that this was the beginning of a long term relationship. Much to his surprise, a warrant was issued for his arrest. 

Unbeknownst to the young college student, the girl of his dreams had lied about her age and it turned out that she was actually under the age of 16. He was heartbroken, and worse, his entire future that he worked hard for was now in jeopardy. Prosecutors didn't care that he had a straight A average in his classes, that he had prospects for significant internship opportunities, or that he had not even had a speeding ticket in his entire life. "The law is the law," and his belief about her age, even taking into account the lies she told, simply didn't matter to the prosecutors.

After a year and half of fighting for this client and steering the case toward the proper outcome, Attorney Obear was finally able to secure a complete dismissal of all of the charges against the college student. He is due to graduate soon, with his bright future secured.

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