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Child Enticement Defense

What is child enticement?

In Wisconsin, you can be charged with child enticement without having committed a sexual act. This is a serious criminal charge and prosecutors can come at it from different angles. For example, if the defendant was giving or selling a controlled substance to a child, he/she could be charged with child enticement which is a Class D felony.

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The state must prove three elements for Child Enticement:

  1. That you “caused” the child to go into a car, building, room or other “secluded place”
  2. That you “intended” to have “sexual contact” with the child
  3. That the child was under 18 years of age

This involves the “luring” of a child into a “secluded place” with the intent to have sexual contact, cause them harm, or give them drugs. This charge is commonly brought along with one for sexual assault of a child. In such a case, the child is almost certainly going to go into some room, car or building where the conduct takes place. It is significant to note that this can be charged as an “attempt” but carries the same penalty as the completed act (actually getting the child in the place). Normally, the penalty for an attempted crime is half of the completed act. This presents an opportunity for prosecutors since many actions by a person can be interpreted as “attempting” to “cause” a child to go into a certain place, to which evil intent can be ascribed.

Wisconsin penalty for Child Enticement: 15 years prison

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