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CDL Driver Counts on Kirk for the Win

  • Birdsall Obear

City v. SA

Sometimes clients are referred to our office because the stakes are high and the outcome of the trial could permanently effect a person's livelihood. That was the case when SA was referred to our office from a prominent Illinois attorney who knew that this case would require special attention for two reasons: SA had an Illinois license; and SA had a commercial driver's license.

The combination of these two factors would have meant the end of SA's career if he was convicted. This was true even if the case would be amended to a lesser traffic citation. So the writing was on the wall - the case had to go to trial. Kirk worked diligently to prepare the defense. The strategy involved attacking the accuracy of the breath test result by revealing problems with the testing machine that was used. Several problems were identified with the particular way that the machine was being operated. When the officer had no real explanation for the problems, the jury found SA not guilty on all counts. He was able to keep his job and is now a successful commercial truck driver.

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