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Birdsall Obear & Associates End of Summer Update

  • Birdsall Obear

We have officially said farewell to the brief summer we all love here in Wisconsin, and now we move forward to the fall months with good news from the litigation team at Birdsall Obear & Associates.

During an eight week period over the summer, our attorneys secured NINE acquittals in cases throughout the State.  These cases included two Second Degree Sexual Assault allegations, Exposing a Minor to Harmful Materials, Felony Drunk Driving, Domestic Abuse, and Child abuse allegations.  Additionally, a First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child case was dismissed in the middle of trial after the District Attorney agreed that their primary witness was lying.  Overall, this was an unprecedented series of victories and no other firm in the State can claim this level of success over the brief summer we just had.

Birdsall Obear & Associates is dedicated to fighting for our clients with all of our effort to secure victory.  Our motto says it all – We Demand Justice. 

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