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Attorney Kirk B. Obear and Attorney Nicole A. Muller Included on 2020 Super Lawyers Lists

  • Birdsall Obear

Attorney Kirk B. Obear has been placed on the annual Super Lawyers list since 2007. This marks the thirteenth year he has been included on a Super Lawyers list. This is an honor annually rewarded to only five percent (5%) of attorneys in each state.       

Attorney Nicole A. Muller has additionally been recognized by Super Lawyers, being placed on the 2020 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list. Only 2.5 percent of lawyers in each state receive this recognition. In order to initially qualify for the list, an attorney must be 40 years or younger and have been practicing law for 10 years or less. 

Gaining recognition on the Super Lawyers list or Super Lawyers Rising Stars list are honors sought after by a majority of attorneys in the legal community. Why are these recognitions so notoriously coveted? The desire to be placed on a Super Lawyers list is due to the notably intense selection process. The process is patented by the The United States Patent and Trademark Office, due to its accuracy as a non-biased source for consumers to identify the top lawyers in each state.

What does the selection process for the Super Lawyers list and Super Lawyers Rising Stars list consist of?

Super Lawyers selection process consists of multiple steps and is ultimately based on a point system.

Super Lawyers must first identify the initial candidate pool. Attorneys may be nominated by peers, with in-firm nominations carrying less points than out of firm nominations. Attorneys can also be added to the candidate pool by the Super Lawyers research team.

The research team then conducts further research on each candidate, focusing on 12 specific criteria. Criteria taken into consideration during this screening process includes career experience, verdicts obtained, published scholarly works and significant certifications. 

Then, attorneys with the most accumulated points are asked to rate the other candidates in their practice area on a scale ranging from one to five.

Finally, the remaining lawyers in the candidate pool are placed into categories by firm size. The attorneys from each firm size category with the total amount of points gain selection onto the final published Super Lawyers list.

Congratulations to attorney Kirk B. Obear and attorney Nicole Muller for 2020 recognition by Super Lawyers.   

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