Uniting the best and most experienced
Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorneys,
to fight for the rights of the accused.

Uniting the best and most experienced
Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorneys, to fight for the rights of the accused.

We Demand Justice.

We Demand Justice.

Uniting the best and most experienced Wisconsin Criminal
Defense Attorneys, to fiercely defend the rights of the accused.

Uniting the best and most experienced Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorneys, to fiercely defend the rights of the accused.



Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney Alexandra ScottCriminal defense attorney Alexandra Scott has shown consistent success in winning cases at jury trial and securing the dismissal of cases during an initial appearance, motion hearing, or at trial. She values the presumption of innocence, as well as ensuring the government is held accountable when prosecuting cases. With these values in mind, Alexandra aggressively fights for her clients in order to defend reputations and secure futures.

Alexandra grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. After college, she attended law school at Marquette University graduating with a degree of Juris Doctor in 2018. Following graduation, Alexandra began her legal career as an Assistant State Public Defender at the Office of the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Milwaukee Trial Office. In this position, she defended adult criminal cases, which included both felonies and misdemeanors.

Alexandra speaks Spanish and French, along with English. She has greatly valued the role of representing Milwaukee’s Spanish-speaking community and has also had the opportunity to represent French-speaking clients.

Alexandra is an active member of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL), ensuring she has constant access to expert sources and live seminars updating her with the latest criminal law information.

Alexandra understands that an individual often enters the criminal justice system as a result of their own mental health struggles. With this issue in mind, she battles as a force to be reckoned with up until her clients obtain the outcome they deserve. As a passionate advocate for individuals facing criminal charges, Alexandra has had extensive success in crafting cases that effectively salvage the livelihoods and futures of her clients.

Alexandra has defended nearly 500 cases throughout her legal career. Some notable case outcomes and innovative initiatives she has executed for clients include:

  • OWI Case- Client found not guilty after crashing their car, failing field sobriety tests and refusing blood testing. Successfully kept the refusal out of the trial.
  • Motion Hearing- Client pulled over for plate registration violation and officer claimed to have seen marijuana in the back seat. Evidence that was found in the car, which included a gun, was suppressed. Proved during motion that the cop lied about his probable cause to search. The gun got suppressed and the case was dismissed.
  • Domestic Violence Case- Client was accused of beating girlfriend and initiating the use of a machete in the process. Client’s girlfriend called the cops. Client was found not guilty at trial on all counts.
  • Prostitution and Sex Offender Registry Case- Got case dismissed at the initial appearances. 
  • Domestic Violence Case- Obtained not guilty verdicts for one client in multiple cases. Client was found not guilty on all counts during the first trial. Got case dismissed during the second trial.
  • Immigration Cases- Has obtained many “informal” deferred prosecution agreements for clients with sensitive immigration issues, preventing their deportation. These cases involved automatic deportation issues, such as possession of cocaine, battery and domestic violence.
  • Battery Case- Crafted a uniquely legitimate self-defense claim for client, and the District Attorney decided to dismiss the case.
  • Gun Case- Got case dismissed when the District Attorney was informed they were not going to have a witness. 
  • Domestic Violence Case- Informed the court that the State failed to file a witness list and therefore the Court must deny the State to have any witnesses. The court did so, and the case was dismissed on the day of trial.
  • Converted several clients’ cases to Chapter 51s when they were found to be incompetent and unlikely to ever regain competency. 
  • OWI Case- Found the warrant for the blood draw to be defective, and the case was dismissed.
  • Concealed Carry Weapon Case- Got case dismissed on a motion when accused the state of destroying a 911 call.  
  • Domestic Violence and Gun Possession Case- Client was charged with 11 felony counts of domestic violence and gun-related charges. Did Miranda motion, Daubert hearing, started trial, got a mistrial and then restarted a new trial. Negotiated with the District Attorney and convinced the DA to dismiss all but one count. Client was originally facing almost 50 years in prison. Client plead to a gun felony which carried 5 years in prison, and ultimately got 2 years in prison when convicted of a modified gun felony. Did not plead to the original charge which carried 10 years in prison.

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