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In Wisconsin, crimes having to do with theft or property damage such as burglary, fraud, or arson, can include everything from stealing a TV set to burning down a large building.

Many of these charges, and the severity of their corresponding penalties, are determined by the total value of any goods that were stolen, and whether the accused person was armed during the commission of the crime. The experienced Milwaukee burglary defense attorneys at Birdsall Obear & Associates have handled a multitude of cases of all different types of theft and property crimes.

If you’ve been arrested, you need the best criminal lawyers in Milwaukee and Sheboygan. Please contact our Milwaukee criminal lawyers via phone or email for a free consultation so we can help you navigate the broad range of charges pertaining to theft and property crimes.


Wisconsin statutes 943.02 state:

    1. Whoever does any of the following is guilty of a Class C felony:
      (a) By means of fire, intentionally damages any building of another without the other's consent; or
      (b) By means of fire, intentionally damages any building with intent to defraud an insurer of that building; or
      (c) By means of explosives, intentionally damages any property of another without the other's consent.


The State must prove 5 elements:

  1. That you damaged a building by means of fire.
  2. That you did so intentionally.
  3. That the building belonged to another person.
  4. That you damaged such building without the owner’s consent.
  5. That you knew that the building belonged to another person and knew that the other person did not consent to the damage of the building.

Absent an eyewitness, Arson is often a difficult charge to prove. Even with witnesses, unless they see you directly ignite the fire, their testimony is usually circumstantial. Often the prosecutor will call witnesses that will testify about a possible motive, such as jealously of an ex-lover, bitterness in a divorce, an attempt to kill occupants of a building, or a desire to get insurance money for the property.

Wisconsin penalties for Arson:
25 years

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Our arson defense lawyers in Sheboygan and Milwaukee know how to confront and challenge illegal police action, whether it's improper search technique or other violations, if we find that your constitutional rights were violated, your case could be dismissed.

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