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40 Midwesterners Are Looking At Long Prison Sentences

  • Birdsall Obear

While you continue looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s, dozens of others are faced with spending numerous holidays behind bars. 


40 people were arrested throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana after “a prolonged drug investigation spanning Sept. 29 to Dec. 14.” 183 pounds of fentanyl and 68,250 counterfeit fentanyl pills were seized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

A special agent in charge at the DEA Chicago Division highlighted the damage that drugs such as fentanyl are doing to communities in these states and stated that “DEA will continue to relentlessly work with our federal, state and local law enforcement partners, including federal prosecutors, to save lives.”


The massive resources available to investigators and the reach of federal law enforcement and prosecutors highlight just how serious federal criminal charges are. The individuals charged as result of this DEA enforcement operation likely face mandatory minimum sentences that include a long stay in federal prison.


It is crucial for these individuals to have experienced defense lawyers with proven federal experience on their side. In addition to having to defend against the immense resources of the United States government, these defendants will also be faced with the prospect of 39 others who have the potential to “flip” and testify against them to obtain more favorable treatment or a lesser sentence.


It is important to seek legal counsel before saying or doing anything else if you are accused of a crime or believe you are under federal investigation. Your choice of representation can make all the difference as you prepare to go toe-to-toe with the feds.