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22 Years in Prison? Not When Kirk is on the Job - Not Guilty Across the Board

  • Birdsall Obear

State of Wisconsin v. BNB

B was at a bar and a group of ruffians decided that they didn't like the way that B looked. The rowdy group followed B into the men's room and attacked him, repeatedly punching and kicking him. B was hit so hard in the face that his eye swelled shut.

Impulsively, he grabbed the knife from his pocket that he used for work and lunged out of the men's room to try to get out of the chaos. The young punk who had ordered the attack was waiting outside and tried to stop B from leaving, but B was blindly swinging his knife in front of him trying to escape. The punk got in the way. B was charged with the stabbing and faced over 22 years in prison if convicted. Kirk took the case to trial and argued self-defense. The jury of 12 men and women found him Not Guilty of all charges. He went to a bar with Kirk afterwards and they celebrated.

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